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We realized collectively that there wasn’t a website that had a collection of gadgets that guys find awesome.  Sure, there are some really “cute” gadget websites out there but we found a few problems with them:

  • They talked about gadget/tech rumors but not actual real products.  So we can find out all the awesome gadgets that don’t actually exist?  C’mon Man!
  • Gadget sites that have some cool tech gadgets for guys but then talk about stuff like awesome moisturizer… If you can’t change your oil or do some HTML coding, this isn’t your website.
  • Terrible navigation and blog post breakdown.  Why should it be that hard (that’s what she said) to find gadgets under $200?!  As cool as the new Ferrari is, not many of us can afford it.

Hopefully you have some insight into why we felt the need to come into existence.  We don’t sell anything on this site and most posts will have links to the locations you can purchase the items we talk about.  We don’t always get to do a hands on tryout so make sure you keep that in mind when we blog about these things.  Be a guy and check out the gadgets.


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