How to Extend Your Gaming Console’s Lifespan

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Video game consoles like the Wii, Xbox and PlayStations are some of the most popular gadgets for men and also some of the most expensive. A single gaming console can easily set you back hundreds of dollars, if not thousands upon their initial release. There has been an unfair assumption that game manufacturers intentionally reduce the lifespan of their consoles to keep people paying for new devices. 

However, recent developments have revealed that some game consoles can last much longer than smartphones. 

For example, the PlayStation 4 has an 8-year lifespan which makes it an incredible return of investment compared to most devices. 

But you have to take excellent care of your gaming consoles if you want them to last even half their expected lifespan. Overheating, moisture and impact damage can all work to reduce the lifespan of your gaming consoles. 

Learn five best practices to make sure your gaming console reaches its maximum lifespan. 

  • Keep it Dry

Person Playing With A Nintendo Classic Family Computer
Placing your console on messy surfaces can put it at risk of spillage.

Moisture is the bane of most electronic devices, especially larger machines that don’t have the same waterproof qualities as smartwatches for cardio or sports watches. Your gaming console has air vents and cracks that will let water and other fluids inside easily. The greatest risk to your console is spillage, so make sure to place it far away from where you and people may put down drinks and bowls. 

Environmental moisture is also a risk to make sure to situate it away from open windows where rain can get at it. Avoid placing them out in the open as well because ambient moisture can find its way inside the casing. 

  • Do Not Touch the Lens

People sometimes think that gaming consoles are like DVD players just because they operate in a similar capacity. To this end, many people sometimes prod and probe the lens of their gaming consoles when it’s slow or doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. This is a terrible idea because the lens of a gaming console is one of its most delicate components. 

Smudging or even nudging the lens renders it completely useless at reading discs. If your device has a problem reading discs, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Unless you are a qualified technician, do not touch or mess with the lens in any way. 

  • Find Stable Surface

The inside of your gaming console is very delicate, filled with small chips and circuitry that can be damaged by even small falls. You don’t want your console falling over at every opportunity or slight bump, so make sure to find a stable surface for you to put it on. 

Some people tend to think this means putting them on the floor, but this just means it’ll get kicked or someone will trip over it. 

Find a low table or an entertainment center where you can situate the console without fear of it falling over or getting in someone’s way. 

  • Give it Space

Two Men Playing Video Game
Keep your console away from drinks and give it room to breathe.

Overheating is a serious threat to the delicate circuitry inside your gaming console. Manufacturers know this and have made plenty of air vents and openings on the casing to allow air to flow inside the console and cool down the components. 

However, putting your console in small or cramped spaces with little to no breathing room compromises this ability. 

As a rule of thumb, your console should have at least 6 inches of space around it, particularly the air or cooling vents. This space allows air to flow naturally around the device and into any fan intakes. Place it near or in front air ducts as well to enhance the cooling factor.

  • Get Canned Air Spray

Dust may seem innocuous but they can contribute to the degradation of your gaming console in many ways. 

First, dust and small particles can filter into your gaming console’s casing and interrupt delicate processes, clogging the circuitry and causing your device to slow down if not cease functioning at all. Second, excessive dust can clog up the fans and vents of your gaming console. This reduces its effectiveness and could lead to your console not getting enough cooling. 

A canned air spray helps you blast these particles out of your gaming console without damaging them. They also work much better than brushes or simply using your mouth to puff away the dust. 

Gaming consoles are awesome and they can help you unwind after a long day. But without proper maintenance, even the most expensive gaming console can become a heavy piece of garbage. Learn these tips and take them to heart if you want your gaming console to last for the remainder of its intended lifespan.

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