The Best Ways to Accessorize Your Man Cave

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Sometimes, you need a place where you can be alone and destress. Since the pandemic, people haven’t had the luxury of going to their favorite bars, yoga studios or other venues to destress. This means a lot of people have had to carve out spaces for themselves in their own home. 

Women may have their own fitness areas, yoga rooms or art studios while men have garages, gardening sheds or the ever-popular man cave.

To have your own space can be very helpful when you’re married or if you live with a lot of people. A man cave is essentially a room dedicated to the wants and needs of a man, and it’s usually seen as a gaming room or a place where you can entertain your friends. 

Learn some of the best tips on how you can effectively decorate and accessorize your man cave to the best effect.  

  • Get a Gaming Console

Two Men Sitting on the Floor while Playing a Video Game
Man caves are better with gaming consoles.

No man cave is complete without a gaming console. Whether you plan on playing single-player adventures for hours on end or if you want to experience the epic highs and lows of football with friends, a great gaming console is your best friend. There are lots of popular gaming consoles in the market you can consider. 

One of the easiest ways to determine which one to buy is by assessing your own interests. Are you more into physically demanding games? Then perhaps a Wii is the best option since it incorporates bodily movements. Do you want a multipurpose console that you can bring with you? A Nintendo Switch is the right device for you in this regard. 

  • Consider Footprint

When talking about devices and appliances, a footprint means the amount of space it takes up on your floor space. Considering the footprint of devices and appliances is essential, especially if your house or apartment doesn’t have a lot of room to begin with. 

For example, if you have an entire basement or above the garage room to yourself, you can probably afford devices with large footprints like a large flat screen or even a full-sized refrigerator. But if your proposed man cave is small, such as a spare bedroom or a cupboard under the stairs, you may require finding devices that are smaller. Instead of a large screen, you can settle for a monitor you can hang on the wall. 

  • Soundproof Effectively

Man caves can be very loud, especially if you are enjoying your favorite piece of music or if you are playing a video game without headphones. Even watching a movie can be very loud, especially if it has sweeping orchestration. Soundproofing your man cave isn’t an option but a necessity. 

The best sound proofing option is to use professional grade materials like cushioning and wall fillers. However, if you can’t afford such materials, there are plenty of options. 

First, you can lay down plenty of thick carpeting and rugs that can absorb acoustics. Heavy curtains and drapes also prevent sound from leaking out of your room. Finally, you can line the ceiling and walls with used egg cartons, which can reflect and absorb sound effectively. 

  • A Roomba Never Hurts

Modern Vacuum Cleaner on Wooden Flooring
Roombas help keep your man cave clean.

Men have had the unfair reputation of being messy and slovenly and the same reputation extends to man caves. There is no reason for you to let your man cave turn into a pigsty just because it’s an area for yourself.

 You can employ plenty of devices that can keep your man cave clean, and easily the best way is to get a Roomba. This small, automated vacuum cleaner will merrily roam around the floor sucking up chips, dust and fibers, keeping the floor clean and free of dirt. 

Just remember that a single Roomba isn’t enough of a precaution, and you should regularly clean your man cave thoroughly with brooms and mops if needed. 

  • Lots of Outlets

A man cave tends to be home to lots of devices and thus you will need a lot of electrical outlets to support them. You’ll need a place where you can charge your phone, a place to plug in your gaming console, the screen and the air conditioning. 

Make sure your chosen area has a lot of these outlets. You need to remember the power ratings of these outlets to prevent devices from overheating your electricals. For example, it is considered unwise to plug a refrigerator to an extension cord. 

Man caves don’t have to be adolescent areas full of toys and junk. They can be sophisticated places with elegant devices and top of the line electronics. Use these tips to ensure your own man cave is accessorized effectively and with useful devices. 

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