Top 5 Gadgets That Take Your Car to the Next Level

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Owning an automobile has become increasingly popular and necessary in recent years as cities and communities have geared to becoming more car friendly than pedestrian accessible. Recent statistics have revealed that almost 55 percent of all men in the United States are car owners. The primary purpose of cars is to get you from one place to another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style or in comfort. 

Some car brands and models come with many effective and pleasing built-in features, but plenty more don’t have the same luxuries.

If you can afford to buy a souped-up automobile, you can always improve your driving experience by using the right devices and gadgets. 

Below are five of the best gadgets you can purchase to upgrade your car and take your driving experience to the next level. Bringing any or all of these devices with you on your next trip can turn your car ride into a memorable and easy experience. 

  • Heads-Up Display

Photo Of Person Driving
Heads-up displays are much safer than glancing down at a phone like this.

Most people depend on built-in screens or their smartphones for navigational assistance. However, looking down on your phone or at a screen built on the dashboard can be very distracting and could lead to accidents. 

Thankfully, manufacturers have come up with installable heads-up display units. These sleekly designed devices can be put on top of the dashboard directly at eye level to ensure you can see what your phone or navigational apps are flashing without taking your eyes off the road.

  • Hand Gel Dispenser

The pandemic has highlighted the necessity of sanitation and cleanliness, regardless of where you are. Although you can bring wet wipes and alcohol spray in your bag, you may need something more easily accessible while driving. 

Automated car dispensers for hand gel fit snugly into the cupholder spaces between the front seats of the car, allowing the driver and passenger to sanitize their hands without needing to root around their bags or purses. They also contain a lot of hand gel compared to the tiny bottles you can buy which means you won’t have to refill them for a long time. 

  • Two-Way Dash Cam

Traffic accidents are some of the most common causes of injury in the United States and they could easily threaten your life and property. However, determining who is at fault in a car accident can be difficult without video evidence. 

Cities have plenty of public security cameras and traffic cameras, but a dash cam is still one of the best ways you can ensure there is reliable video evidence of any incident. 

Two-way dash cams that record the inside of the vehicle can also make insurance or judicial proceedings go faster, exculpating you from any accusation of distraction. It’s also a great way to ensure that if someone borrows your car, there is a way for you to see if they used it for any mischief or damaged it while under their care. 

  • Faraday Bag

Not every device that can improve your driving experience has to have advanced electronics. Sometimes, the opposite is needed. 

For example, the proliferation of keyless locking mechanisms in cars has created a sense of complacency among car owners. Just because there is no need for a physical key doesn’t mean thieves cannot steal your car. 

Car thieves have developed  a way to steal the radio signals used by keyless fobs. Luckily, car security experts have developed a way to foil these modern car thieves. 

A Faraday bag is a small container that prevents signals from copying your keyless fob’s codes when it’s not in use. It effectively traps the signals, meaning you can carry your key around safely. However, you will still need to take it out of the bag to use it but the threat is significantly decreased if you do so close to your car.  

  • Automobile Vacuum

Happy Asian kids traveling in car
Portable vacuums make traveling with kids less messy.

Finally, cars can be notoriously messy, especially if you have a busy life and tend to ferry around a lot of people. Kids can eat their food in the backseat, you can carry around messy cargo, like dirty furniture and all sorts of detritus can end up on the floor and upholstery. 

Unless you want to constantly bring your car to the shop for detailing and cleaning, you should invest in a vacuum cleaner you can plug directly into your vehicle. 

Wireless vacuum cleaners often work with batteries or you can plug them into your car’s cigarette lighter for energy. Having them in the glovebox or backseat ensures your car doesn’t accumulate grub and filth. 

Your car doesn’t have to be expensive to be a great vehicle. These gadgets and devices can ensure that any car feels like a luxury ride and enhance your driving experience. 

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